Exercise in FACSessorizing!


I was working on a presentation for a workshop at a summer FACS conference a couple of years ago when the word “FACSessorize” popped into my head.  The word so accurately expressed what I wanted to share with teachers, that it became the theme of the presentation.  I was delighted when the teachers in that workshop really  got excited about FACSessorizing their lessons!

I’ve presented the FACSessorize! presentation to several groups of teachers since that first workshop.  It’s so much fun to share my ideas for FACSessorizing a basic lesson plan while getting really good feedback from an audience of enthusiastic, dedicated FACS teachers.  We laugh, we sing and dance (Well, I sing and dance! LOL), we get a little silly sometimes, but that’s what makes a lesson memorable.  And that’s what FACSessorizing is all about!

So here’s my dilemma–I believe so wholeheartedly in FACSessorizing that I’m constantly looking for ways of getting FACS teachers excited about the concept.  Since I haven’t figured out a way to make it to every FACS teacher workshop around the country, (Podcast, maybe?) I’m turning to social media to share illustrations of FACSessorizing.   Turns out the month of March offers an incredible range of FACSessorizing opportunities and Pinterest and Facebook are the perfect ways to showcase examples that you can use in your classes right now!

March On & FACSessorize image
The March On & FACSessorize board on the Fresh FACS Pinterest page provides links to all of the holidays, events, birthdays and special events that occur during the month of March!

You will also find other boards on https://www.pinterest.com/FreshFACS/ based on March happenings.

Oscars board
The 2016 Oscars are history, but take a look at this Pinterest board for ideas for using this event in your classroom next year!
Nutrition Matters board
You’ll find tons of ideas for celebrating National Nutrition Month on this board!
Goin' Green.jpg
Celebrate the sober side of St. Patrick’s Day with these fun foods and activities!
Easter board
Easter comes early this year!  FACSessorize your spring lessons with some of these fun ideas!
FB page
Follow Fresh FACS on Facebook for Headline FACS and special days to share with your FACS students every day!



I hope this exercise in FACSessorizing has been helpful!  More to come soon!







Congratulations to our Winners!



Thank you to everyone who participated in our Valentine’s Day giveaway!  It was so great to read your comments!

We are excited to announce that we chose two winners who will each receive a copy of FACSessorize!, Fresh FACS latest FACS educators’ resource.

Jenni was selected as our winner by a random drawing.  We decided to award a second copy to Mandy because she was the first to leave a comment on the blog post.  We will be contacting each of our winners directly to obtain shipping information.  If you enjoyed our little competition, spread the word to your FACS friends.

Watch for another blog post with ideas for FACSessorizing your FACS classes later this week!

Happy Presidents Day!





FACSessorize Giveaway!

Happy National Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day!

Welcome to the 2016 edition of the Fresh FACS blog, based on the concept behind our newest classroom resource, FACSessorize!  If you’ve been following this blog for a while (or if you checked out the About.Me section), you likely already know that I believe in the value of FACS and want to do everything I can to see to it that our programs survive and thrive!  In my experience, adding to the value of our classes is essential to making this happen!

Jewelry and scarf 2
 This 1970 edition of Lessons In Living inspired today’s “FACSessorized” fashion illustration.

That’s what “FACSessorizing” is all about–accessorizing your lessons with content that will surprise your students, fascinate your fellow faculty members and amaze your administration!!  Well, okay that may be overselling things a bit, but you will be able to add some pizzazz to your lessons and make them more interesting and memorable!  That’s a good thing, right?


Best cropped outfit
I’m thinking of wearing this outfit when we go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day.  Minus the textbook, of course!  What do you think?

So this morning I put together an outfit from my personal wardrobe using the cover of a vintage Home Economics textbook for inspiration to illustrate my point.  The sweater and leggings work by themselves, but the ensemble really only comes to life when it’s accessorized with scarf, jewelry, and cute booties.  It’s like a great FACS lesson plan–the facts are the foundation but it needs some “accessories” to make it great!

So in future posts, I will be sharing more great outfits  along with cool stuff you can use to add interest to your FACS classes!  If you’re interested in taking your classroom instruction to the next level, I think you’ll enjoy what I have planned!

Now, about that giveaway, right?  In honor of National Family & Consumer Sciences Educator Day and Valentine’s Day, we’re offering our first-ever blog giveaway!  To get you excited about FACSessorizing, we will be giving away one copy of FACSessorize! to a lucky follower of this blog on Valentine’s Day!  That could be you!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post and you will automatically be entered to win.  If you don’t already follow this blog, just click the button on the right then share your FACS thoughts about this post.

storefront_facsessorize - Copy (1)

We will announce the winner of the FACSessorize Giveaway on Valentine’s Day!  You only have a couple of days to comment, so don’t delay–we want to hear from you!  To learn more about FACSessorize, visit the Fresh FACS website.