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The FACS of Emergency Response


The news about the continuing spread of the Coronavirus throughout our communities is very disturbing and a legitimate cause for concern.  As we all watch the reports of the mounting numbers of new cases, it would be easy to allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear and apprehension.  We must remind ourselves as parents and educators that our children are feeling these same fears, whether or not they express those concerns verbally.

So what can we do to positively deal with our own fears and those of our students?  The best antidote for fear is to take action!  The good news is that as FACS educators we are uniquely equipped to arm our students with skills and information that can empower them to take positive steps toward feelings of empowerment at this very uncertain time.

The content of the FACS curriculum provides us with many instructional opportunities for dealing with this crisis.  I’ve listed what I believe is a fairly comprehensive list of topics, along with current online resources, that you might consider implementing in your classroom ASAP.  Hope you and your students find these topics useful in facing our current challenges.

FACS Lesson Topics Related to Coronavirus Concerns

Good health practices to prevent illness

Adequate hand washing 

Caring for family members with the flu

Cleaning and sanitizing household surfaces

Eating healthy to prevent illness                                                   

Taking an infant or young child’s temperature

Disinfecting laundry

Eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing products

Coronavirus and food safety

Home preparedness for sheltering in place

Just in case you haven’t seen this email regarding the request for donations to help FCCLA tornado victims:


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For the Love of FACS

FACS in Space

I’ve always been fascinated with the impact that the developments achieved by the scientists and engineers NASA on our everyday lives.  Today we kick off our year long FACSessorize project by exploring some innovations originated from NASA that have fascinating FACS connections.  Let’s begin with an amusing space story about a corned beef sandwich.


John Young, who died on January 5, 2018 at age 87, is famous for his Apollo 16 moonwalks and his role as commander of the first space shuttle mission.  The NASA astronaut is also remembered for a small scandal he triggered with a sneaky act:  smuggling a corned beef sandwich into space.  Why was smuggling a sandwich onboard the spacecraft such a big deal?  Read on.

An astronomical amount of time and money goes into feeding NASA’s astronauts.  This doesn’t mean that the food is particularly tasty, but it is safe, which in space, means it’s compact.  In an enclosed, weight-less environment, food particles are a liability because they can cause mechanical malfunctions or be accidentally inhaled.  In a spacecraft, food particles can be downright dangerous.

But 34-year-old Young wasn’t thinking about that on March 23, 1965, when he accepted a corned beef sandwich from fellow astronaut and famed practical joker Wally Schirra. Schirra had strolled into Wolfie’s Restaurant and Sandwich Shop in Cocoa Beach, Florida, two days earlier, to buy a sandwich. He passed it on to Young on the day of the flight, and Young zipped it into his space suit.

In Cape Kennedy, Young boarded the spacecraft for the nearly five-hour Gemini 3 mission. A pilot by training, Young was making his first journey into space. Along with his commander, Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Young was part of the first American two-man space flight. During a lull, Young signaled to Grissom and pulled the first corned beef sandwich in space from his pocket. As the sandwich was already two days old, it wasn’t a spectacular reveal.  When the sandwich began to break up, Young quickly put it back in his pocket.

Young was given a reprimand, the first ever for a member of a NASA space flight. He eventually regretted smuggling the sandwich into space, especially as the story came up over and over. But Grissom remembered it as “one of the highlights of the flight.”

This is an amusing space story with serious implications.  This week we will explore other NASA innovations that can be used in the FACS classroom.  Hope you find these facts interesting and useful!

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Exciting Plans for 2020!


Fresh Start for Fresh FACS

You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but January is my absolute favorite month!  I love the opportunity to reflect on the accomplishments of the year past and prepare for the future!  It’s a chance to reorganize and plan for the months that lie ahead!  Who couldn’t love that, right?

In the spirit of looking forward to the new year, I thought I’d quickly share some of the projects we plan to share with all of you, our FACS friends, in 2020!  We hope that some of these ideas inspire you to continue bringing new ideas and content into your FACS curriculum.

Facsessorize logo

Daily FACSessories Delivered to your FB Feed

Beginning Monday, January 6 Fresh FACS will be delivering daily tidbits related to all FACS content areas that you can share with your students.  I am constantly surprised by the fascinating and surprising depth of the connection of the FACS curriculum and the world at large.  To ensure that you and your student don’t miss any of these interesting facts, be sure that you are following Fresh FACS on Facebook!

A Novel Approach to Classic Fiction in the FACS Classroom

A supplement to our popular reading resource, A Novel Approach to Incorporating Fiction into the FACS Classroom, is in development and will be released sometime this summer.  The inspiration for this project was the release of the new movie adaptation of Little Women.  (The movie is must-see, BTW!)  Pictured above is my cherished antique copy of this wonderful novel by Louisa May Alcott along with the newest trade paper release.  I’m so excited to develop the activities that will enable FACS educators to use Little Women as an instructional tool in the classroom.  A Novel Approach to Classic Fiction will also feature activities based on Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery and Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Other titles are currently under consideration.

TwinkLED Toes Shoe Clips

Soft Circuit FACS

In recent months I have developed a fascination with the topic of soft circuits or wearable electronics, as it’s sometimes called.  This blending of electronics and textiles and apparel offers such exciting options for expending and enhancing the FACS curriculum that I’m amazed it hasn’t gotten more attention!  I am developing a curriculum for bringing soft circuits into FACS that I hope will be ready for distribution in the fall of 2020.  If you are a little skeptical about how this could work, don’t worry!  I’ll make myself available for hands-on workshops on the topic!  If you want a sneak preview of Soft Circuit FACS, download the TwinkLED Toes Shoe Clips activity (it’s free) from the Fresh FACS website.  Also check out this fabulous website on the subject of wearable technology.

2020 Preview Wrap Up

Well, that’s an overview of the things we’re working on to help you enhance and expand your FACS programs.  As always, we appreciate the loyalty, passion and dedication of the FACS educators who use the resources I develop!  We look forward to a busy and productive 2020 as we seek to build and support FACS education!

Happy New Year to All our FACS Friends!