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Presidential Palates, Part 4

This blog post was originally published on October 17, 2016 as the first in a fifteen-part series related to the 2016 Presidential election. Beginning today we will be sharing these posts again in hopes that our readers will find some historical info regarding past presidents and their food preferences for use in the FACS classroom. A new Presidential Palates post will be shared each weekday between now and Election Day on November 3. Please note that the concluding post of this series is a quiz based on the Presidential Palates series of posts.


“A glass of wine and a bit of mutton are always welcome.”  George Washington

Our first president, George Washington (1789-1797), was a man of simple taste.  His love of nuts is said to have left him with only one natural tooth.  His habit of cracking nuts with his teeth resulted in a mouthful of false teeth made from a variety of materials–animal teeth, ivory and even wood, according to the Smithsonian Institute.

One of George Washington’s favorite regular menus started with cream of peanut soup and ended with Martha’s whiskey cake.  (President Washington was very fond of his mash.  He started a whiskey-distillation business at Mount Vernon after leaving politics.)

The Dining Room at Mt. Vernon, George Washington’s home.

Cream of Peanut Soup

2 tablespoons butter

1 stalk celery, chopped

1/2 medium onion, chopped

1  1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

4 cups chicken or vegetable broth

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup milk

Snipped chives

Chopped peanuts for garnish


  1. Melt butter in medium saucepan.  Cook celery and onion until onion is tender, but not browned.  Stir in flour and cook about one minute.  Whisk in chicken broth, cooking until thickened and bubbly.
  2. Remove from heat.  Puree mixture in batches, in a blender, until smooth.  Return to saucepan.
  3. Add the peanut butter and milk, stirring to blend thoroughly.  Heath through, but do not boil.  Serve hot or cold.  Garnish with snipped chives and chopped peanuts, if desired.

cream-of-peanut-soupThis is a simplified version of the recipe that would have been served to Washington and his guests, but it has the same rich flavor and creamy consistency of the original.  It is also much more classroom-friendly.  Give it a try with your students!

More Presidential Palates tomorrow!  Happy Monday!

Food and Culinary Arts Playlist, Nutrition and Wellness Playlist

Hold the Fries!

junk foodThis is day 3 of our FACS Tune-Up Project and today’s topic is junk food.  When we think about eating healthy and getting in shape, the topic of “junk food” nearly always comes up.  Personally, I think that the list of foods that actually should be classified as junk food is pretty short.  In my opinion, nearly any food can fit into a healthy eating plan when consumed in appropriate proportions and frequency. 

Today’s musical selection would make the perfect introduction to a discussion on the topic of what constitutes junk food and whether it can ever fit into a healthy diet.  As a bonus, the song will probably also bring a chuckle or two.

You know I love that organic cooking
I always ask for more
And they call me Mr. Natural
On down to the health food store
I only eat good sea salt
White sugar don’t touch my lips
And my friends is always
Begging me to take them
On macrobiotic trips
Yes, they are
Oh, but at night I stake out my strongbox
That I keep under lock and key
And I take it off to my closet
Where nobody else can see
I open that door so slowly
Take a peek up north and south
Then I pull out a Hostess Twinkie
And I pop it in my mouth

Yeah, in the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
Just as healthy as I can be
But at night I’m a junk food junkie
Good lord have pity on me
Well, at lunchtime
You can always find me
At the Whole Earth Vitamin Bar
Just sucking on my plain white yogurt
From my hand thrown pottery jar
And sippin’ a little hand pressed cider
With a carrot stick for dessert
And wiping my face
In a natural way
On the sleeve of my peasant shirt
Oh yeah
Ah, but when that clock strikes midnight
And I’m all by myself
I work that combination
On my secret hideaway shelf
And I pull out some Fritos corn chips
Dr. Pepper and an Ole Moon Pie
Then I sit back in glorious expectation
Of a genuine junk food high

Oh yeah, in the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
Just as healthy as I can be
But at night I’m a junk food junkie
Good lord have pity on me
My friends down at the commune
They think I’m pretty neat
Oh, I don’t know nothing about arts and crafts
But I give ’em all something to eat
I’m a friend to old Euell Gibbons
And I only eat homegrown spice
I got a John Keats autographed Grecian urn
Filled up with my brown rice
Yes, I do
Oh, but folks lately I have been spotted
With a Big Mac on my breath
Stumbling into a Colonel Sanders
With a face as white as death
I’m afraid someday they’ll find me
Just stretched out on my bed
With a handful of Pringles Potato Chips
And a Ding Dong by my head
In the daytime I’m Mr. Natural
Just as healthy as I can be
But at night I’m a junk food junkie
Good lord have pity on me

Check out this website for the real scoop on junk food.  http://www.dietitian.com/junkfood.html

Have a rockin’ FACS day!


Food and Culinary Arts Playlist, Nutrition and Wellness Playlist

What Did I Just Eat?

hot dog meal

Welcome to Day 4 of the FACS Tune-Up Project.  Continuing on our theme for the week of eating healthy and getting in shape, our song of the day is Be Careful What You Eat by the Animaniacs.  It would be great to use this song to introduce the topic of reading food labels and food additives.  Hope you and your students enjoy it.   For more information about food additives, you might want to visit this informative website.


BE Careful What You Eat

Wakko: (Spoken) Hey Let’s get some ice cream.

Dot: How ’bout this one?
Pistachio Almond Fruit Fudge Buttterscotch Delight

Yakko: Ingredients Zinc Trisodium Aspartate,
Sorbatale, and Bisulfate
Oxide, Beta Caratine
Lactic Acid, Carab Bean
(music begins)

Yakko: Grade A milk emulsified
Malto-dextrin alkalide
Silicon deoxylite
Lots of sugar,
W+D : Hey, all right!
Yakko: Calcified synthetic salt
Artificial barley malt
Glycerine and aspartate
Folic acid,
Wakko: That tastes great!

YW+D : Monosodium glutamate
Dehydrated calceinate
Soybean oil, butter fat
Caramel center,
Wakko: I’ll eat that!

YW+D : Hooray for sugar, ’cause we love it
Chocolate chips; we want more of it
Cakes and ice cream; watch us shove it
Down our throats real fast.

Yakko: Here’s a candy bar, you tried it?
Wakko: Hey, let’s all see what’s inside it.

Yakko: Gelatinized triglycerin
Phosphate, soybean, lecithin
Deoxylite tri-silicon
Dipped in chocolate,
W+D : Bring it on!
Yakko: Citrus enzymes, BHT
Powdered milk,
Dot : Sounds good to me!
Yakko: Baking soda, carob gum
W+D : Yummy yum!

YW+D : Monosodium glutamate
Zinc disodium algenate,
Whole grain flour, yeast and fat
Wakko: Time to eat it; I’ll do that

YW+D : We like sweets a lot
But they make your insides rot
So remember it’s your body
And the only one you’ve got.

Have a Rockin’ FACS Day!