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The FACS of Emergency Response


The news about the continuing spread of the Coronavirus throughout our communities is very disturbing and a legitimate cause for concern.  As we all watch the reports of the mounting numbers of new cases, it would be easy to allow ourselves to be paralyzed with fear and apprehension.  We must remind ourselves as parents and educators that our children are feeling these same fears, whether or not they express those concerns verbally.

So what can we do to positively deal with our own fears and those of our students?  The best antidote for fear is to take action!  The good news is that as FACS educators we are uniquely equipped to arm our students with skills and information that can empower them to take positive steps toward feelings of empowerment at this very uncertain time.

The content of the FACS curriculum provides us with many instructional opportunities for dealing with this crisis.  I’ve listed what I believe is a fairly comprehensive list of topics, along with current online resources, that you might consider implementing in your classroom ASAP.  Hope you and your students find these topics useful in facing our current challenges.

FACS Lesson Topics Related to Coronavirus Concerns

Good health practices to prevent illness

Adequate hand washing 

Caring for family members with the flu

Cleaning and sanitizing household surfaces

Eating healthy to prevent illness                                                   

Taking an infant or young child’s temperature

Disinfecting laundry

Eco-friendly cleaning and sanitizing products

Coronavirus and food safety

Home preparedness for sheltering in place

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