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The Business of FACS

It’s been such a long time since I posted to this blog that I’ll be surprised if anyone is still following it!  After such a long, cold winter I’m finally ready to emerge from hibernation, so I thought I’d share some changes that are in the works here at Fresh FACS.

After almost 15 years in business, Dusty and I have decided to make some adjustments to the way we market the teacher resources I create.   We’ve spent a lot of time analyzing what works about our business and what doesn’t and these changes are the result of that analysis.  (Guess that tells you how we spent our winter.  LOL

  • First, even though participating in  educational conferences is one of the things we enjoy the most about being in business, we have decided to spend less time on the road this summer.  The cost of exhibiting and the travel expenses that go with it simply do not pay off in sales or personal contacts made.  This does not mean that we will decline all invitations to exhibit or present workshops.  It does mean, however, that we will be forced to charge a fee for presentations and will only be able to exhibit at conferences where attendee participation has been historically high.  I hope that you all understand.
  • Second, we are developing more of our resources into downloadable lessons that can be purchased from our website and printed on demand.  This will allow teachers to purchase only the lessons that apply to their FACS content area.  It will also allow us to market these lessons at a reduced cost while saving teachers money on shipping and time waiting for materials to arrive from the shipper.  Our new E-Lessons category was just introduced this week and currently features the fourteen units excerpted from A Novel Approach to FACS, Fiction in the FACS Classroom.  We hope that you’ll check out this new website category.  Many more of our lessons will be available under the E-Lessons category in the very near future.
  • Third, I am currently developing a new resource called FACSessorize based on the popular presentation that I have given at so many FACS conferences across the country.  The resource will be a comprehensive guide to “accessorizing” FACS lessons in all content areas to broaden the scope of the concept presented and make the lessons more interesting and exciting.  I will share more about this unique resource on this blog as well as on the Fresh FACS Facebook page, our Pinterest page and on Twitter in the coming weeks.  If you aren’t currently following Fresh FACS on Social Media, we would love to connect with you! 

FACSessorize cover

I guess that just about wraps up my news for now.  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the first full day of spring.  As always, I’d love to hear from you!  Online feedback will be even more important now that we won’t be seeing many of you face-to-face this summer!