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Back To School Project

Hi Everyone!  I know it’s been a very long time since I added a new post to this blog!  The spring and summer fairly flew by as I worked feverishly to finish Four Course FACS, A Fictional Culinary Adventure (available for purchase now on our website) and to prepare for and participate in several FACS conferences.  Now that we’ve returned home, I plan to return to a more regular blog posting schedule. 

Locker decorations 

Here’s a fun project to get the school year off to a fun start—A Locker Decorating Project!  You’ll find tons of awesome ideas like the ones above on Pinterest.  Start off by having students complete a Personal Style Quiz like this one to help guide them through the design process.

locker decorations 2

Personal Style Quiz

1.    Your favorite colors are:
    A.    greens, blues, yellows, and browns.
    B.  gold, maroon, and navy.                               
    C.    whatever is currently in fashion.
    D.    black, white, gray, and beige.

2.    Your bedroom walls are:   
    A.    painted and stenciled in light pastel shades.
    B.    a dark color with a textured finish.
    C.    a neutral color with a white ceiling.
    D.    white, light gray or light tan.

3.    The outfit in your closet you reach for the most is:
    A.    a polo shirt and khakis.
    B.    cashmere sweater and tailored pants.
    C.    jeans and an American Eagle t-shirt.
    D.    black pants and a white or tan t-shirt.

4.    Your ideal vacation would take you to:
    A.    a cottage at the beach or a cabin in the mountains.
    B.    Disney World and Epcot Center.
    C.    the flea markets of Paris.
    D.    a week-long shopping spree in New York City.

5.    Your dream car might be:
    A.    a pickup truck with all the amenities.
    B.    a restored classic Ford Mustang.
    C.    a Volkswagen convertible coupe.
    D.    an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle like the Prius or Smart Car.

6.    Your dream house might be:
    A.    a rustic log cabin surrounded by nature.
    B.    a remodeled farmhouse in a rural area.
    C.    a stylish apartment in a metropolitan neighborhood.
    D.    a spacious house in a suburban community.

What do your answers reveal about your personal style?

If your answers are mostly A’s, your personal style is country or rustic.

Country style uses soft, muted colors often in earth tones.  Items purchased at flea markets, handmade accessories and family heirlooms are often used as accessories and accents.

If your answers are mostly B’s, your personal style is traditional.
Traditional style can be described as comforting and classic.  Colors are typically soft and muted and reflect an appreciation for antiques and history.

If your answers are mostly C’s, your personal style is eclectic.
Eclectic style is more difficult to define because it is often a blend of two or more design styles.  Colors used tend to be more bold than those used in country or traditional design.  Overall eclectic style is very personal and unique.

If your answers are mostly D’s, your personal style is contemporary.
Contemporary style uses sleek, sophisticated design with clean lines.  Accessories are minimal, but elegant in their simplicity.  Colors may range from black and white to very bold and vivid.

You’ll find some cute locker decorating videos on YouTube that will appeal to your students.

you tube locker

You’ll also find a fund Box Lid Organizer project that you can download for free from our website at

locker organizers

Hope these ideas have inspired you to create a fun and memorable activity to start the school year.  Check out the Great Start Back to School Ideas Pinterest board for more inspiring ideas!

Have a great school year!