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May Day!

daisy chain quote gold bgThis quote from comedian Steve Martin is one of my favorites!  In my opinion, it’s also a mandate for what FACS professionals need to do to improve and expand programs across the board.  This quote will always appear as part of the blog posts in this new series and I hope it will serve as a reminder of our need to constantly be striving to make our programs better and stronger.  I hope that the information in this post will be useful in helping you all do just that.

The month of May has been designated as:

National Barbecue Month

National Strawberry Month

National Egg Month 

National Beef Month

National Hamburger Month

National Salad Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Asparagus Month


A Brief History of the Hamburger

1763—First reference to a hamburger sausage is mad in English book Art of Cookery, Made Plain and Easy.

1885—Charlie Nagreen places a meatball between two slices of bread at a county fair in Wisconsin.

1916—Walter Anderson opens the first White Castle.

1948—The McDonalds brothers cut the entrees on their menu down to just burgers.

1952—George Stephen invents the Weber Kettle Gas Grill, key to the outdoor burger craze.

1984–"Where’s the beef?" Wildly successful Wendy’s advertising campaign.  The catch phrase was used in every venue from burgers to politics.  The commercial is a classic!

2006—The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas added a $6,000 burger to their menu.  The restaurant threw in an ultra-rare 24-year-old bottle of Bordeaux.

FACS By the Numbers

Since May is National Physical Fitness and Sport Month, let’s take a look at how far you’d need to walk to burn the calories in a few common fast food menu items.

Money Talks—What Items go on Sale in May?

credit cards

  • Cookware
  • Electronics
  • Mattresses
  • Televisions
  • Vacuum cleaners

Facs word of the day

Commis:  The apprentice at a food service operation following the kitchen brigade system.

I selected this word because it’s a term that I learned while reading Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous.  Thought if it was new to me, it might also be new to some of you.

I’d love some feedback on the new format!  Please let me know what you think!  FYI—Today was heavily skewed toward food and nutrition.  I plan to include all content areas in upcoming posts.