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Introducing Sophie!

Meet Sophie 2 Sophie is the newest “member” of the Fresh FACS family and we’re very excited for all of you to meet her!  Sophie’s accepted a very important job in our organization.  She has agreed to guide FACS teachers through the Fictional Culinary Adventure we call Four-Course FACS.  This is our brand new curriculum using the teen novel  Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous in place of the traditional textbook.

We decided to bring Sophie on board because we knew that the concept of using a teen novel in place of a textbook as the foundation for a Culinary Arts program might seem a little offbeat.  Fortunately, Sophie has been with me throughout the development of Four-Course FACS and understands the concept completely.  (Confidentially, she told me that she thinks the concept is brilliant!)  How about we let Sophie speak for herself.Sophie loves four course facsPizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous is great read!  The novel follows the experiences of Sophie Nicolaides (I love her name, don’t you?) as she competes in the Teen Test Kitchen reality cooking show competition.   I learned so much about cooking, food safety and sanitation, knife skills and the cuisines of the world from reading about the adventures of Sophie N. and her fellow teen chef contestants.  Reading the novel was like completing a course in culinary arts!  How cool is that?  I know your students are going to love reading Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous!

Sophie speaks to teachers

Four-Course FACS features:

  • A curriculum map between the novel and the four most popular culinary arts textbooks.
  • 10 lessons for the interactive whiteboard/Power Point
  • Sophie’s Culinary Glossary
  • Top of the Class Culinary Competition guidelines and experiences
  • Restaurant management activities
  • Menu design
  • Career activities
  • 50 classroom-ready recipes
  • Activities in recipe development
  • Preparation of dishes from around the world
  • Chemistry of baking
  • Knife skills
  • More than 30 original activities with support materials and evaluation rubrics.
  • Much more

Sophie and lukeAs you can see, Four-Course FACS has something for everyone!  I hope you’ll take Sophie’s advice and check it out!  Watch the Fresh FACS website for availability.