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Work in Progress

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything here, but I assure it’s not because I haven’t been busy working hard for you, my FACS friends!  Work on my new curriculum blending FACS and academics, specifically reading, has been consuming every minute of my day for weeks and I’m so excited about how it’s developing!  I think it could be my best resource to date!  Sorry if that sounds like bragging, but the Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous by Kathryn Williams offers such a wealth of classroom ideas, that I don’t know where to stop! 

My goal in writing Four Course FACS, A Fictional Culinary Adventure was, of course, to give FACS teachers another vehicle for adding value to the FACS curriculum by integrating reading and technology.  I knew this was a mission that I could easily accomplish based on the success of two previous FACS-Reading resources:  Recipe for Reading and A Novel Approach to FACS

My second goal of creating a curriculum that could basically use the novel to take the place of a culinary arts textbook was admittedly a bit of a stretch.  However, after working on this project for several months, it’s really happening and I’m so excited!!  What a great thing to be able to say to students that they’re going to have the pleasure of reading this delightful novel instead of a boring textbook! 

Now don’t get excited and throw away all those expensive and essential  textbooks!!  They will still play an important role in your culinary arts instruction.  In fact, Four Course FACS will include a crosswalk outlining the connection between the novel content and the activities in Four Course FACS and all of the best-selling culinary textbooks currently available.   The twist is that the textbooks will play a supporting role.

Besides the concept for the novel supplanting textbooks as the primary instructional tool, I’m also excited that I’ve been able to incorporate so many cool online resources into the activities for Four Course FACS!  For example, when I was in the classroom, I was never able to devise a method for teaching students about kitchen equipment and tools in a way that was as engaging as I would have liked.  Through my research for Four Course FACS, I discovered the website ThingLink.com I was able to create an activity that is interactive and cool!  Love that!

Well, I just wanted to end my digital hiatus and let you all know that I haven’t abandoned you!  I hope you’re as excited about adding academic value to the FACS curriculum as I am!  It really is the only way to save our programs and serve our students fully.  While I continue to write away, I urge you to pick up a copy of Pizza, Love, And Other Stuff That Made Me Famous by Kathryn Williams.  It will entertain you, I know and I hope get your own creative juices flowing for using it in your classes!  FYI—We sell the novel on our website. 🙂 www.freshfacs.com

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