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Barbacoa, Anyone?

The recipe development and testing continues for our soon-to-be-released resource Four Course FACS, A Fictional Culinary Adventure.  This will be another curriculum created to make it easier for FACS teachers to incorporate a literacy component into their curriculum.  The activities and recipes in Four Course FACS are based on the delightful teen novel Food, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous by Kathryn Williams. 

The latest recipe to be tested for Four Course FACS is Beef Barbacoa.  In chapter four of Food, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous, each of the teen chef contestants is asked to share their favorite dish.  Mario, the young contestant from San Antonio picks beef barbacoa as his favorite.  Barbacoa is a traditional Mexican or Caribbean dish made by slow cooking the meat until it is fall-apart tender and then seasoned with tomato sauce and spices.  As the name implies, the barbacoa cooking process is the origin of barbecue!

The Beef Barbacoa recipe that will appear in Four Course FACS uses the slow cooker to produce moist, tender meat.  An inexpensive beef roast is cooked with onion, bay leaves, garlic and other flavorings until the meat is very tender.  The meat is then shredded and returned to the slow cooker.  The tomato sauce and additional seasonings are added and the beef is cooked a second time. 

Beef Brbacoa best

The Beef Barbacoa is served with your favorite tortillas (I chose whole wheat.) and the traditional sides like refried beans, salad.  My guests agreed with me that Beef Barbacoa is a culinary winner and should be included in Four Course FACS!  Next I’ll be testing out my recipe for Ratatouille!