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FACS With Academic Appeal

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With the busy Thanksgiving week looming ahead, I think I’ll wrap up this week’s #SaveFACS blog posts today.  I’m guessing that your schedule is as packed as mine is, so you probably don’t have a lot of time to read these posts right now anyway. 

If you haven’t taken a few minutes to check out the Classroom Keeping board on our Pinterest page, I suggest that you do that.  I think you’ll be inspired by the pins you’ll find there.  In my search for ideas for Classroom Keeping, I found the hanging lamps pictured above made from old classroom globes.  What a totally FACS-fashionable way to add a globe to your classroom, don’t you think?  Love it!!

Today’s #SaveFACS suggestion for adding FACS appeal to your classroom is to create a reading retreat in your classroom.  As more and more schools are mandating stronger common core connections from FACS, FACS literacy is one of the most obvious places to begin strengthening those connections.  You’ll find several older posts on this blog outlining how to make reading an integral part of your FACS program.

Bean bag chair

The Reader’s Retreat
Creating a Reading Nook with Student Appeal

As teachers, we know that reading is a very important part of learning!  However, with all of the entertainment alternatives available to kids, reading is often not their first choice for fun and relaxation.  In order to making time spent reading as appealing as possible, it’s important to provide an appealing setting for curling up with a good book.  Creating a reader’s retreat in an area of your classroom can help students to develop a positive attitude toward reading.  That positive attitude is very important as you introduce reading into your FACS curriculum.

Planning and designing your Reader’s Retreat can be a fun and educational activity for you and your students to do together. 

•    Students in an interior design course might design and construct a rack or shelves for organizing and displaying your classroom library.  They might also work in groups to design the entire reader’s retreat as an exercise in room layout and decoration.

•    Students in textiles and apparel classes might design and sew floor cushions, bean bag chairs, window treatments and other soft furnishings that will make the reader’s retreat comfortable and visually appealing.

•    The FACS department or FCCLA might sponsor a design contest to solicit students’ input for a theme for the room.  Brainstorm ideas for making the area visually appealing and inspirational.

•    Take a field trip to a resale shop to search out affordable pieces of furniture that can be repurposed to furnish the reader’s retreat.

•    Make a class project out of designing and creating original lamps for your reader’s retreat.  Creating a lamp from everyday objects is fun, easy, inexpensive and will prepare students to make their own simple home repairs.

The possibilities for creating a reader’s retreat that your student will find enticing are limited only to your imagination and creativity.  Have fun with it and encourage your students to have fun with it, too.  If students take ownership of the project, they are more likely to take advantage of the space and read, read, read!

Your Reader’s Retreat will need the following basic components:

•    A designated area set apart for the purpose of encouraging students to view reading as a pleasurable activity.

•    Furnishings that will allow you to display and organize books and other reading materials.

•    Comfortable and attractive seating that will invite students to settle in for and enjoyable reading session.  A comfy rug can also be used as seating in your Reader’s Retreat.

•    Adequate lighting that will make reading easy and pleasant.

•    Decorative accessories chosen to reflect student ownership of the Reader’s Retreat.

You’ll find lots of ideas for incorporating reading into your FACS curriculum in these two original Fresh FACS resources. 

cluster of fall leaves Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I’m very thankful for the opportunity to share my passion for FACS with all of you!

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