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Going Green Can be Golden

green home

Today is America Recycles Day so I thought this would be a good time mention the importance of using your FACS program as a model for green living in your school and your community.  This is yet another way that we can elevate the image of FACS.  Here are a few practical suggestions for going green in the FACS classroom.

Make your FACS Classroom a Green Zone

Call students’ attention to green practices and concepts.
Turn the light out anytime your classroom is not in use.
Power down computers when not in use.
Set up a recycling area in your classroom.
Use non-toxic cleaners and laundry products.
Write a green living section for your school newsletter or web page.
Keep a paint on your desk to combat indoor air pollution.
Use dishcloths and rags in place of paper towels whenever possible.
Set the refrigerator in your foods lab to the economy setting.
Print on both side of the paper.
Teach students not to waste water and other consumables.
Encourage students to switch off the oven a couple of minutes early and allow food to cook by residual heat
Encourage students to cover saucepans when cooking on top of the range to speed cooking and use energy more efficiently.
Encourage students not to peek at food cooking in the oven.  Every peek causes a 25 to 50 degree drop in temperature.
When cooking on the stove top, match the size of the pan to the size of the burner to increase efficiency.

green lunch box

Green FCCLA and other School Events

Choose a location close to where most students live.
Distribute information about the event electronically.
Encourage students to carpool or walk to the event.
Decorate with fresh flowers or other natural materials gathered locally.
Create decorations from recycled or repurposed items.
Serve eco-friendly or organic refreshments.
Use real dishes, glasses, and flatware instead of disposable.
Provide receptacles for any recyclable items used.
Donate leftover food to shelters or other outlets.
Use washable table covers and table linens.
Discuss green fashion and beauty alternatives