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Let’s Take a Break & Assess

are you making progress 

We’re at the mid-point of our #Save FACS blog series and I’m sensing some suggestion fatigue on the part of my readers.  I suspect that you’re getting a little tired of me telling you what to do to enhance and elevate the image of your FACS programs.  So I thought it would be a good idea to take a break from listing new strategies for saving FACS and simply recap the main points of the series to date.  I hope you will take the time to review the content of the posts related to any steps you are considering implementing.

#Save FACS Action Steps

  • October 28–Follow the model of FACS Founder, Ellen Swallow Richards; Take advantage of recent good press for FACS
  • October 29—Impersonate Ellen Swallow Richards for Halloween or FACS Founder Day, December 3
  • October 30—Tap into the power of social media circles and groups to share classroom and personal success stories
  • October 31–Involve your students in a competitive event to increase the visibility of your FACS program
  • November 1 – 3—Effectively utilize Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to raise the status of your FACS programs.
  • November 4—Identify the connections to FACS in headline news stories and other hot topics.
  • November 5—Organizing and staging a charitable event to build character in your students and attention for your programs.
  • November 6—Value Added Teaching:  Incorporating core academic concepts into FACS.
  • November 7—The Fundamentals of Value Added Teaching and FACS.
  • November 8—Bringing history alive through the FACS curriculum.
  • November 11—Enhancing the FACS curriculum through the use of fiction in the classroom.
  • November 12—Becoming a resource to your community by sharing your FACS knowledge.

track your progress

So have you made any progress toward enhancing the image of FACS in your school and community?  Have you begun developing an action plan for marketing your FACS program?  It’s time to take stock of your progress in the “bring back Home Ec” movement.

Halfway through the  #Save FACS blog series I can only hope that I’ve inspired at least a few of you to begin to realize that there are a lot of action steps that we can be taken to revitalize the FACS programs in our public schools. If you have read these posts and have been disappointed that I have yet to provide the “silver bullet” that will solve all of your problems, there’s a very good reason for that. THERE IS NO SILVER BULLET THAT WILL SAVE FACS!! It’s going to take a combination of a actions and what works for one teacher may not work for another. Each of you must thoughtfully assess their own situation and develop a plan of action that suits the situation in which they find themselves.

Tomorrow I’ll resume sharing ideas that I think will be helpful.  I only hope that you develop a plan of action that works for you.