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Fiction and FACS

I feel a little like a broken record writing yet another post about the benefits of incorporating reading into FACS.  However, I simply can’t leave the topic of VAT—Value Added Teaching without once again strongly recommending that your upgrade your FACS curriculum by adding a literacy component!  I encourage those of you who are new to this blog and want to know about adding fiction to your FACS curriculum,  search for the Reading in the FACS Classroom category to find a collection of past posts written on the subject. It’s one of my favorite topics.

I have shared links to several articles recently written around the theme of “bring back Home Ec” on Facebook and Twitter.  In each of these articles the authors have recommended upgrading the FACS curriculum to make the content more rigorous and relevant.  Of course, those of us who know the current content of the FACS curriculum already know the value of our courses.  However, there is always room for improvement and adding reading to our instructional strategies would be a great place to start.  Improving reading scores is nearly always one of the goals set by school districts.  Imagine how much the image of your programs would be improved if you could document that reading is a substantial part of your FACS instruction!

I encourage you to search this blog for posts regarding Reading in the FACS Classroom.  I’m confident that you will see that bringing carefully and thoughtfully selected novels into your curriculum is not that difficult to do.  I have written two FACS literacy resources and am working on a third that you might find useful as you begin your literary adventure.  Those resources are pictured below.  If you’re curious about what types of novels might be appropriate to FACS, check out the Fresh FACS website as well as our Pinterest boards FACS Summer Reading List and A Novel Approach to FACS.  I have personally screened each of the novels on these boards and can assure you that they are classroom appropriate.

Novel Approach2 Recipe for Reading Four Course FACS cover

Let’s #Save our FACS programs by using fiction to help our students become better readers.  The payoff for our efforts will add value to our FACS programs and improve the general image of FACS!