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A Delicious Chemistry Project

I’ve been testing more recipes for Four-Course FACS—A Fictional Culinary Adventure based on the teen novel Pizza, Love, and Other Stuff That Made Me Famous by Kathryn Williams. The latest product of my home test kitchen is Apple Galette.  This is one of the dishes that Sophie (the novel’s main character) makes during the baking portion of the Teen Test Kitchen competition.

Galette (gah-leht):  A round, flat, thin French cake made with puff pastry or yeast-leavened dough, usually sprinkled with sugar before baking.

Apple Galette 014

The recipe I’m developing for Four-Course FACS is based on a rich, flavorful pastry.  I made the version pictured above from fresh apples.  I plan to also try it with prepared apple pie filling for a simpler, more classroom-friendly version.  The steps in the preparation process are pictured below.

The first step in the preparation of the galette is to make the pastry so that it can be refrigerated for easier handling.  Apples are cooked and then brown sugar, spices and toasted walnuts are added.

Pastry dough is rolled out and fruit added to the center.  The dough is then gently folded over fruit, leaving middle open and fruit exposed.  The galette bakes for about 40 minutes.

Apple Galette 017

The apple galette has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor with a tender flaky crust.  Yum!  Students would master the following skills from the preparation of this recipe:

  • Pastry preparation techniques
  • Toasting nuts
  • Rolling and handling pastry dough
  • Measuring ingredients and following recipe directions
  • Cooking by direct heat

I think this recipe will be a good addition to Four-Course FACS.  What do you think?