Reading in the FACS Classroom

Let’s Talk Fiction!

FACSbytheBookSHELF_WithTitles (3) Why Implement a FACS Reading Program?

It is my personal philosophy that effective education should be less compartmentalized and more reflective of real life.  In everyday life we seldom encounter any activity or experience that could be classified as purely math, science or any other of the categories that we use to structure our children’s educational experience.  Real life experiences are an amalgam of all of the curriculum areas and that fact gives equal importance to each subject area.  If we could develop a curriculum with a more inclusive scope, I believe that students would view education in a more positive light.

It’s my opinion that FACS teachers have an extraordinary opportunity to demonstrate the viability of an inclusive curriculum more effectively than any other content area.  Our subject matter could not be more hands on and relevant to real life, something that not all curriculum areas can easily embrace.  To make Family and Consumer Science the complete educational experience it can and should be, we need to be intentional in incorporating and emphasizing the core curriculum concepts into our existing content.

I acknowledge that developing strategies and activities to make this happen can be time consuming and a challenge to work into your already busy teaching schedule.  That’s where I hope that this website and the resources that I’ve developed will be useful.  Our goal is to create resources that will allow you to seamlessly incorporate reading into your FACS content without sacrificing valuable instruction time.  With a little planning and creativity your classroom can provide students with the most comprehensive educational experience possible–the perfect marriage of real life and classroom theory.

I hope I’ve piqued your interest in the idea of making reading fiction a part of your FACS curriculum.  In upcoming posts I will be sharing information that will be helpful to you as you explore your options and formulate your plans.

Happy Thursday!