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My Extreme Dream


I found today’s news that 64-year-old Diana Nyad has finally achieved her goal of swimming from Cuba to Key West particularly encouraging and exciting– today of all days.  No, I have never dreamed of attempting such a feat.  In fact, I don’t even know how to swim.  However, since today is my 64th birthday, I find Diana’s triumphant achievement at my age very life affirming and encouraging.  It should be noted that I personally do not buy into the notion that human beings have a shelf life and that at a predetermined age we’re supposed to stop living and start simply existing.  (What most people refer to as retirement!) That line of thinking simply does not work for me and I refuse to apologize to anyone for still taking pleasure in continuing to learn and work and grow.

That’s why I’m choosing to share with anyone who reads this blog my own “extreme dream,” as anchorwoman Robin Roberts has labeled it.  My extreme dream is to see Family Consumer Science/Home Economics education restored and recognized as the vital and important segment of the school curriculum that those of us in the profession already KNOW that it is.  That’s my goal in creating the resources that we distribute through Fresh FACS.  I’m constantly looking for inspiration and resources that I can use to encourage and equip FACS teachers to share my passion for the value of FACS education.  I’m not expecting or even hoping to get rich from Fresh FACS!  I’m simply following my extreme dream!

Through workshops at conferences, I strive to empower those of you in the classroom to fight for your programs by elevating the content of your lessons.  This desire to ignite passion in teachers is also what I’m trying to do through each of these blog posts, the snippets I share on Twitter and Facebook and even on the Fresh FACS Pinterest page.  I like to end my conference presentations with a quote from comedian, Steve Martin:  “Be so good that they can’t ignore you.”  I love that sentiment!!  If we would all embrace that philosophy and implement it, FACS programs would flourish in every school across this nation. 

So here’s what I want for my birthday from all of you—join me in my “extreme dream” of bringing back FACS education.  You can do that by following me on Twitter (twitter.com/freshfacs) #teachfacs or #facsrocks; become a FB fan (www.facebook.com/FreshFACS) follow us on Pinterest (pinterest.com/freshfacs) and follow this blog.  And please don’t just follow along but join in the conversation!  I’m not trying to become the FACS guru!  That is not a part of my extreme dream!! I just hope to generate excitement and passion that will help to bring about the revival of FACS!

Thanks for indulging me in my birthday rant!  Tomorrow we start our reading blog project.  You’ll get some really good information, I promise!  Happy Tuesday!

FACS rocks!