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Another Title for the FACS Summer Reading List

sweet_life The Sweet Life of Stella Madison by Lara M. Zeises would be a a great choice for a Culinary Arts or Food Preparation course.  The story introduces students to the opportunities of blending writing skills with cooking and restaurant management.


It’s not easy being the daughter of a famous chef and a restaurant owner when your idea of a great meal is the kind that’s served via a drive-through window.  When Stella Madison’s food-loving parents help her land a summer job at the local newspaper, there’s only one catch:  she’s expected to write about food.  Luckily, Stella has Jeremy, the hot new intern at her mother’s restaurant, who’s more than happy to help.  But where does that leave Stella’s boyfriend, Max, who recently dropped the L-word?  And could her separated parents by cooking up romances of their own?

The Sweet Life of Stella Madison is an engaging story of teen romance that also teaches some important FACS concepts and writing skills.