For the Love of FACS

The FACS of Doing Good!

Community service is a fundamental principle of Family and Consumer Science.  Encouraging students to be sensitive to the needs of those less fortunate is one of the most impactful things we can do for them.  So as the school year winds down, why not take a little time to lead your students in participation in one of these charitable endeavors.  It will take less time and preparation than you think and the benefits are immeasurable. 

stamp out hunger

This Saturday, May 11 is the day set aside for the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive sponsored by the National Association of Letter Carriers.  The goal is to collect non-perishable food items like canned meats, fish, soup, bottled juice, vegetables, pasta, cereal and rice to be donated to local food banks, pantries or shelters.  For details go to

Check out for ideas for linking the food collection activity to selecting and evaluating canned foods.

Bake Sale

Give students baking practice and fight childhood hunger by helping your students bake for and conduct a Bake Sale for Share our Strength.  I’ve always thought that this activity was tailor-made for FCCLA! Learn more at

“Good intentions are no substitute for action; failure usually follows the path of least persistence.”

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FACS Fiesta

I’m sure that you’re all aware that this coming Sunday is Cinco de Mayo, the fifth of May.  This is an important day on the calendar in Mexico but in recent years Cinco de Mayo has become an excuse for a party in this country as well.  I would be willing to be that the Spanish teachers in your school have been planning classroom activities for Cinco de Mayo for weeks.  It’s a great way to introduce students to another culture, but what does it have to do with FACS, right?

mexican flag 

Don’t miss out on a golden opportunity to add some fun and Mexican flair to your FACS lessons!  It’s not too late to plan an impromptu FACS fiesta.  Here are some FACS content connections to Cinco de Mayo.

Mexican food

Preparing Mexican food is one of the easiest and most appealing ways to get students in a festive mood.  You’ll find lots of easy recipes for  Mexican favorites on our Pinterest board Cinco de Mayo Chiles Rellenos, Mole Sauce, Tamales or Guacamole would be excellent choices for a foods lab.

Researching, making or modeling Mexican apparel such as ponchos or sombreros would fit right in to a Textiles and Apparel curriculum.


The piñata is the kids activity that is traditional to all Mexican celebrations.  Making a piñata and discussing its history and cultural significance would be a fun activity for a Child Care class.  I know that making a piñata usually takes several days, but here’s a quick method that will fit your impromptu FACS Fiesta perfectly.

Don’t forget the music for your FACS Fiesta!  A quick search of YouTube  will turn up lots of options.  Just be sure to screen each video before using it in class!

Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous!  Get the kids involved, pull together a few basic ingredients and a few craft materials and you’ll have yourselves a FACS Fiesta!!

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all my FACS Friends!