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Friday FACS Word of the Day

Supergraphics:  Bold design motifs used in fabric design that measure more 4-inches square or larger.

 marimekko 4

Today’s FACS Word of the Day is associated with the content area of textiles, apparel and fashion merchandising. 

Whether you do it consciously or unconsciously, when you select fabrics for any garment or other application scale is one of the things characteristics you consider.  The scale of the motif or pattern on the fabric is very important in relation to its end use.  Motifs can range from miniscule in scale to large-scale:  greater than 4-inch square.  Motifs that are larger than

In the mid-to-late twentieth century, supergrahpics were popularized by the Finnish company Marimekko.  In addition to the large scale of the motifs used in the Marimekko fabric designs, the company’s designers use very bold and bright colors.  The supergraphics that typify Marimekko designs make the company’s fabrics very recognizable.

marimekko 1 marimekko 2

The supergraphics used in Marimekko designs make their fabrics appropriate for use in home furnishings.

marimekko 5 marimekko 6

The history, company philosophy and design methodology of Marimekko is fascinating.  Learn more at