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Snappy App

Are you looking for a clever and current wrap up activity for an end-of-the-school year project.  This free app may be just what you’re looking for.  Using their Smart phones, kids can create their own step-by-step guide to demonstrate their mastery of any skill you choose.  The guides can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms. 

Here’s a summary of the steps  for creating a guide in Snapguide.

snapguide 1

Step 1:  Select the subject of your how-to video

snapguide 2

Step 2:  Break the how-to process into logical steps.

snapguide 3

Step 3:  Photograph and caption each step in the process.

snapguide 4

Step 4:  Share your how-to guide and wait for the feedback.

snapguide 5

I can think of dozens of great projects for this application.  Learn more about the app at  I’d love feedback on this idea!  What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Snappy App”

  1. For a clothing and textiles class you could assign students to make a how-to guide for sewing on a button, making a simple pillow or tote bag, setting in a sleeve, hemming a garment, making simple embroidery stitches, demonstrating basic knitting or crocheting stitches. For fashion students they could demonstrate how to coordinate an outfit, create a fashion merchandising display, embellish a simple garment.

  2. Any project that would demonstrate mastery of a skill would be appropriate for using this app. Some ideas that come to mind are evaluating a toy for safety and age appropriateness, making a simple baby food, diapering a baby, child-proofing a room, making a simple toy appropriate for a specific age, planning a meal for a toddler using My Plate, taking a child’s temperature. Hope these ideas get you creative juices flowing!

  3. Would love it if you would share more ideas on how you would use the snappy ap. I would love ideas for use in child development or other topics in addition to foods. Great concept and thanks for sharing!

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