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FACS Word of the Day

On April 12th I shared links to a couple of quizzes on the PBS website that had FACS connections on the Fresh FACS FB page.  I did really well on the Kitchen Skills quiz, but struggled with the questions about the architectural details of Highclere Castle.  If you haven’t tested yourself with this fun quizzes yet, give it a try.  Very revealing!

That experience reminded me that the content and language of FACS is a lot more complicated than those outside the profession would ever imagine (or admit).  I suspect that each of us has one or more of the FACS content areas where we could use a little “tutoring” so from time to time I plan to share a FACS Word of the Day to help you out.  Today’s word of the day is chiffonade.

chiffondade Chiffonade

Pronounced shi-fuh-NADE, the term refers to thin ribbonlike strips of fresh herbs or lettuce.  To make, stack the herb or lettuce leaves.  Starting at a long edge of the stack, roll up the leaves.  With a small, sharp knife, slice the roll into strips, about 1/8 inch or thinner.