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Decorating Phase 1

In my last post I shared that I have been in the process of redecorating the master bedroom in our house.  The project is moving along at a good pace and should be finished by this weekend.  In the next few blog posts I plan to break down the decorating process into phases.

Before we get started let me refresh you memory on where we began.  Here’s a photo of the bedroom as it was before the renovation started.  Lots of floral print, wallpaper and feminine touches.  My goal was a more sophisticated, gender-neutral design theme. 

Master bedroom reno 006 Quilt completed 001

The photo on the right shows the quilt that I made to use as a bedspread. 

bedroom renovations bedskirt etc 001

I chose the colors for the room based on the colors in the quilt. 

Master Bedroom redo 2013 001 Master Bedroom redo 2013 003

To complete the bed covering I needed to make a bed skirt to coordinate with the quilt.  Step one of the design and construction of the bedskirt was to measure and cut the decking that would hold the bedskirt in place between the mattress and box springs.  My helper is my cat PK.  He always supervises my sewing projects.

Master Bedroom redo 2013 006 Master Bedroom redo 2013 004

Designing and constructing the bedskirt required quite a lot of  measuring, sketching and calculating.  This was my first attempt at making a pleated bedskirt.  I usually make ruffled ones which are much more forgiving.  I’m very pleased with the end result.  The bedskirt gives the bed a tailored appearance and the print of the fabric I chose pulls the brown out in the quilt.  That was just the affect I was going for.  To complete the bed ensemble I used scraps from the quilt to make European pillow shams.  Also a new design process for me. 

bedroom renovations bedskirt etc 002 bedroom renovations bedskirt etc 003

With the bedding ensemble completed and the walls freshly painted, I was ready to move on to the next phase of my decorating project, lighting and window coverings. 

Let’s recap the FACS skills I’ve applied to this decorating project so far.

  • Fabric selection for quilt
  • Cutting and construction of quilt
  • Selection of primary and accent colors for the room
  • Design and construction of the bedskirt and pillow shams

What FACS projects are you currently involved in?  Have you shared your project with your students?  Never miss an opportunity to let your students, administration and community know that you have skills that enhance your life and save you money.  That’s what FACS is all about.

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