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Image Improvement

So it’s the first full week of January—the start of a new year!  I love this time of year!  I know that most of you will think I’m crazy, but January is my favorite month.  I guess it’s that whole idea of having an opportunity to start fresh and try to make the new year better than the last.  I go crazy cleaning and reorganizing everything in sight and laying out plans for the new year.

This is also the time of year when I like to challenge myself with a blog project to share with all of you.  If you’ve followed my past blog projects, you will know that these projects often develop into resources that we make available to FACS teachers through our website, catalog and other outlets.  Two examples of past blog challenges that followed this pattern are Focus on FACS and the FACS Soundtrack.  You can learn more about these projects/resources on our website at

Focus FACS Soundtrack (3)

My goal in selecting a blog challenge is to inspire myself to keep thinking creatively about FACS education and to ultimately share something useful and unique with FACS teachers.  For 2013, I’ve decided to challenge myself to share one idea each week that you can use to improve the image of your FACS program.  Honestly, doesn’t it drive you crazy that FACS education has come so far and yet the public still sees our programs as outdated and quaint?  Well, I think it’s time to change all of that and I have a lot of ideas to share with you on how we can shake up the image of FACS

The FACS Image Shake-Up Project kicks off this week.  To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of my FREE advice, sign up to follow this blog by email.  I’ll also be posting on our Facebook page (Are you on our Fan list yet?) and I’ll be creating a board for the project on Pinterest.  I know that you all have great ideas for improving the image of FACS!  Please feel free to share your ideas by commenting on my blog posts or posting on our FB page.

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Here’s my first suggestion for shaking up the image of FACS! Make your FACS program so good that everyone in your school and community will have to take notice!