For the Love of FACS

Getting Settled

This is my first official post since October 17.  That’s the date we officially began the process of moving our website and this blog to a new location with a totally new format.  After a few years with the same look and function, it just felt like we needed to make a change.  So after many, many hours of programming, refining and tweaking the move is finally complete.  So what do you think?  Did we do okay?  We’d love to hear to hear what you think of our new digs! 

The only posts that I moved from the old blog are ones associated with the FACS Soundtrack project.   You’ll be able to access the FACS Soundtrack Playlists from the drop down menu under What’s On You Mind?  The other categories on this blog are accessible from that same menu.

Cookies for the troops-Giving Back cookies 2

Speaking of the FACS Soundtrack, the new blog format allowed me to add a cool new audio feature.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll find the FACS Soundtrack Sampler.  I’ll be able to share various songs from the Soundtrack that you can listen to them while you check out my post.  Fun, right?  The current selection is the song Christmas Cookies by George Strait.  You have to give it a listen!

One other new feature I think you’ll enjoy is the Good Reads display.  In this area you’ll find books that I recommend for use in your classroom or just reading for pleasure.  Check it out!  You might find a good book to read as you relax by the fire and enjoy your Christmas break.

I hope you’ll find our new website and blog interesting and useful.  Check back with us often.  We have some fun and exciting new features to share with you in 2013!  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays!