Color Playlist

The Colors of Spring


I played hooky for a while this afternoon and treated myself to a stroll around the local shopping mall.  It was so refreshing to see all the bright spring colors!  Judging from the store mannequins and other displays, the must-have colors this spring will be bright yellow, orange and raspberry pink.  Dazzling!

Those bright colors inspired today’s FACS Soundtrack Project song selection—Raspberry Beret by Prince and the Revolution.  Enjoy another blast back to the 80s!  By the way, in addition to fashion, this song could also relate to secondhand shopping and clothing repurposing.  Check out the lyrics and you’ll see what I mean.

I apologize for the misspelling in the title. Fortunately, it’s correct in the song lyrics.

Today begins month 3 of the FACS Soundtrack Project.  How are we doing so far?  Anybody have a song to add to the playlist?  Feel free to share!

Have a good evening!