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Put On Your Boogie Shoes

boogie shoes

Aren’t these shoes amazing?  As someone who loves bright colors and outrageous fashion, these shoes really appeal to me.  They look like something I would bring home from a shopping trip, put in the closet and probably never wear.  However, it would make me happy just to take them out once in a while, slip them on and them replace them lovingly in their original box.

I shared the image of these great shoes because to me they look like the “boogie shoes” KC and The Sunshine Band are singing about in today’s FACS Soundtrack selection.

Makes you want to get up and dance.

Here’s a thought!  Why not have the students design an original pair of boogie shoes.  Bet they’d create some amazingly creative shoes!  That’s putting the fun in FACS!  If you use this idea, I’d love to share photos of their projects on this blog.

FACS rocks!