Child Care Playlist

Playing Around

beach ball

Is anyone else saddened to see the public service announcements broadcast every day encouraging children to get outside and play one hour a day.  The ads feature famous professional athletes and probably cost a lot of money to produce.  How sad it is that we have to “sell” our children and their parents on the value of active play. 

The passive, sedentary lifestyle so common among US children today is one of the major contributing factors to the epidemic of childhood obesity.  Here’s a link to an excellent article that outlines the importance of play.  Maybe you could share its content with your students.

I’m adding two selections to the FACS Soundtrack today, both of them related to the topic of play.  Enjoy!

Bouncy, bouncy! Lyrics you don’t hear every day!
The Muppets never lose their appeal.

Have a great day!