Housing and Interior Design Playlist

Personal Space


One of the best introductory interior design projects for teens is to decorate or redecorate their bedroom.  A teen’s room is a very personal space.  It’s their sanctuary and very often the place where they entertain friends, do homework, and dream. 

Giving students the opportunity to decorate their room, even if it’s only on paper or the computer screen, is a great way to encourage them to apply the principles and elements of design.  Today’s FACS Soundtrack selection is a perfect introduction to or background music for this bedroom design project.

A classic song from the 60s.

There’s a world where I can go
and tell my secrets to
In my room
In my room

In this world I lock out
all my worries and my fears
In my room
In my room

Do my dreaming and my scheming lie awake and pray
Do my crying and my sighing laugh at yesterday

Now it’s dark and I’m alone
but I won’t be afraid
In my room
In my room

You’ll find some cool decorating projects on our Teen Decorating Board on Pinterest.  Check it out!