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Nice Hat, Carmen!

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.”  Leo Tolstoy

tutti fruitti hat

If you think that Lady Gaga is outrageous, just wait till you see the video for The Lady in the Tutti Fruitti Hat, today’s FACS Soundtrack selection. The movie that featured this very unusual song and performer was called the “Gang’s All Here” and was released in Technicolor in 1943. Anybody remember Technicolor?  The crazy dance routine was choreographed by Hollywood great Busbee Berkeley and employs the birds eye view camera work that Berkeley made famous. 

The Lady in the Tutti Fruitti Hat performed by Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda.  The video goes on for quite some time as Miranda and the chorus line backing her up dance with giant bananas and other tropical props.  You might want to stop the video after Carmen sings through the son the first time.  It only gets wackier after that.  Watch it and judge for yourself.

I can see this one being a fun and attention-getting introduction to a lesson on fruit.  Bet kids will remember facts about the nutritive quality of fruit longer if you use this song to get their attention.  What do you think?

Could this be Lady Gaga’s source of inspiration?

I wonder why does ev’rybody look at me
And then begin to talk about a Christmas tree?
I hope that means that ev’ryone is glad to see
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
The gentlemen, they want to make me say, "Si, si,
" But I don’t tell them that, I tell them,
"Yes, sir-ee!" And maybe that is why they come for dates to me,
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
Some people say I dress too gay,
But ev’ry day, I feel so gay;
And when I’m gay, I dress that way,
Is something wrong with that?
Americanos tell me that my hat is high,
Because I will not take it off to kiss a guy;
But if I ever start to take it off, ay, ay!
I do that once for Johnny Smith
And he is very happy with
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.

You hear a lot of people shouting, "There she goes!
" You see a señorita dressed in flashy clothes,
In Rio de Janeiro, ev’rybody knows
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
When she begins to sing a song in Portuguese,
The temp’rature goes up a hundred more degrees;
Although they’re freezing prices, they would never freeze
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.
It isn’t any wonder that She likes her native habitat,
‘Cause when she has to pick a hat,
She picks it off the trees.
She always has a half a dozen Romeos,
And when they come to sing a serenade, she throws
A lemon or banana like you throw a rose,
But Casanovas still prefer That hip and happy character,
The lady in the tutti-frutti hat.

Have a great week!