Food and Culinary Arts Playlist

May is National Hamburger Month

Make your FACS classroom rock in 2012!  Use music to kick up your lessons and shake up the image of your program.  FACS rocks!

white castle burger

White Castle is the original American fast food restaurant chain.  The company was formed in Wichita, Kansas in 1921.  The staple of the White Castle menu was the hamburger, served on a bun with grilled onions. 

White Castle created a model for the chain restaurant, creating a standard of uniformity among its locations.  White Castle Restaurants built their success on having clean, sanitary restaurants and a friendly staff. 

Considering the important role of White Castle in hamburger history, it seems appropriate that we add the song White Castle Blues by the Smithereens in celebration of National Hamburger Month.

This one makes me hungry for a slider!

Saturday night and it’s gettin’ late
I’m gettin’ hungry, I just can’t wait
Not just any kind of burger will do
I’m being hit by those
White Castle blues
White Castle blues

I think I’ll get some crisp onion rings
To compliment 10 of those little square things
An orange soda or a milkshake will do
I’m being hit by those
White Castle blues
White Castle blues

I was first introduced to those bastards by Duke
On a hot summer night when we went out to cruise
But memories such as Bobbo and puke
Are just part of the saga of
White Castle blues
White Castle blues

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