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Life on Fast Forward

bride and groom

I’m sure you’re all familiar with today’s Soundtrack selection.  It was used on a popular commercial for Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse a few months ago.  The commercial sums up the life of a young woman and her soon-to-be husband in 30 seconds or so.  Very well done.  You might use this one in a relationship course, a parenting course, or an adult living class.  The video is an important part of understanding the lyrics, so I encourage you to utilize both.


Wish all advertising were as well done as this one.

Twinkle toes, I think I found the soul
To make me happily ever after
Don’t stop doin’ what you do
Have I paid my dues just to be with you
Don’t stop doin’ what you do
I will be your something old, new, borrowed, and blue
Can you understand?
I say I love you
And I’ll say it more
My one and only
Oh, I can’t lose
Don’t stop bein’ what you be
Doin’ what you do
Don’t stop bein’ you
No, no, no, no, no, no
Don’t stop
You know I can’t
You know I can’t lose you
Don’t stop doin’ what you do

I’ve had a lot of spam generated by an earlier post called Entrepreneurship so I removed the post.  The song associated with the post was Opportunities by Pet Shop Boys.  I’ll try posting it again here with a different video to try to correct the problem.

Second try.

Is anybody using these songs?  It would be great to hear from someone.  I’m just saying. . .