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Laundry Lesson

washing machine 3

Bet you didn’t see this one coming!  I don’t know if doing laundry is still part of your FACS curriculum, but if it isn’t it should be!  The average American consumer spends a tremendous amount of money on clothing and other washables so care of those expensive items is important.  Here are a couple of good websites for laundry resources and a very fun song to introduce the topic.




Silly but attention-getting!

[Is he really goin’ out with ‘her? I don’t know. Look, here he comes now. Let’s ask
‘I’m. Hey, Murray, is it true Betty’s wearin’ your ring? Uh-huh.
Who’s that bangin’ on the piano? I don’t know. You goin’ out with
Her tonight? You bet your fur. By the way, where’d ya meet her? ]

I met her one day at the Laundromat.
[She turned around and smiled at me, ya get the picture? Yes, we see.]
And that’s when I fell in love with the Leader Of the Laundromat

My folks were always putting her down (down, down)
Because her laundry came back brown (brown, brown)
I don’t care if they think she’s bad
I fell in love cuz she looked so sad
I got a date tonight with the Leader Of the Laundromat

[Dang it! ]

My dad said "Find a laundry that’s new" (find a laundry that’s new)
How can I tell my baby we’re through (tell my baby we’re through)
Gotta drive right into town
I don’t care if my shirts are brown
I got a date tonight with the Leader Of the Laundromat

[Dang it! ]

When I finally got there, I told her it was all over between us. I’ll never forget the
Hurt and the funny look in her eye. She grabbed my laundry and ran into the street,
Directly into the path of a runaway garbage truck. I yelled "watch out!, watch out!,
Watch out!, watch out!, watch ou-u-t! "

[Dang it! ]

I felt so messy standing there (messy standing there)
My daddy’s shorts were everywhere (daddy’s shorts were everywhere)
Tenderly I kissed her goodbye
Picked up my clothes, they were finally dry
But I won’t forget you, oh Leader Of the Laundromat

[Who’s that bangin’ on the piano?
I don’t know.]

See you in March!