FACS Rocks!

I Love a Challenge!

Ever since I saw the movie Julie and Julia, I’ve been thinking about pursuing a similar challenge for this blog.  However, until a few days ago I’ve been unable to think of a topic that would be original and doable for me and beneficial for the FACS professionals who choose to follow my progress.  Well, I think I’ve finally come up with the perfect project and I’m calling it the FACS Tune-Up Project

My goal for this project is to share a song each weekday of 2012 that has some connection to a FACS topic or concept.  If I am successful in meeting the FACS Tune-Up Project challenge, at the end of the year I will have created a directory of at least 260 songs that can be used to introduce, enliven or reinforce these FACS concepts in your classroom.  It’s a proven fact that music is a great learning tool.  I would also venture to guess that no other demographic is more tuned in to music than teens and preteens.  I think we would be missing a fabulous instructional opportunity if we didn’t pursue incorporating music into the FACS curriculum.

I must admit that using music in the FACS classroom isn’t a totally original idea.  We were told about a FACS teacher who has been using music as a tool in her classroom for some time when we exhibited at the AAFCS National conference in Charlotte, NC.  We hoped to meet that innovative teacher at that time, but it never happened.  If any of you know this teacher, I hope you will invite her to be part of our FACS Tune-Up Project.  We also invite all of our blog readers to participate by sharing song titles related to the concepts we cover.

FYI—No music genre is off limits.  However, I will screen all of the lyrics to make sure that they are classroom appropriate.   Let’s get this challenge started!

Make FACS Rock in 2012!

The FACS Tune-Up Project challenge begins Monday, January 2!  I hope you’ll follow along throughout 2012. 

Wishing you all the best in 2012!