Food and Culinary Arts Playlist

Frozen Greens

jolly green giant

March has so many designations that relate to Family and Consumer Science that it’s kind of hard to celebrate all of them.  I know that you’re aware that March is National Nutrition Month.  No self-respecting FACS professional doesn’t know that?!  But did you know that March is also National Craft Month, Women’s History Month and National Frozen Food Month?  Today’s FACS Soundtrack selection sticks with this week’s green theme while recognizing the importance of frozen food in a healthy diet.

Discover how Clarence Birdseye perfected the process of freezing food for long-term storage here.

This is one of those songs from the 60s you’ll rarely hear on the radio today. Wonder why? LOL

In duh valley of duh jolly… (Ho – ho – ho)
Heard about the Jolly Green Giant (potatoes)
He’s so big and mean (artichoke hearts)
He stands there laughin’ with his hands on his hips
And then he hits you with a can of beans

He lives down there in his valley (Brussels sprouts)
The cat stands tall and green (spinach)
Well, he ain’t no prize, and there’s no women his size
And that’s why the cat’s so mean
One day he left His valley pad
I mean to say This cat was mad
Now listen ’round He wasn’t gone long
And then he ran into an Amazon
Well, this changed his whole complexion (broccoli)
He had never seen such a beautiful sight (corn)
Well, he looked at her
And she looked at him
And she almost passed out from fright
He looked at her Thought, "what a dilly"
He touched her once She slapped him silly
This was something He had never sensed
He looked at her As she commenced
Now listen, pal This ain’t no fluke
I can’t see goin’ with a big green kook"

You’ve heard about the Jolly Green Giant (eggplant)
Don’t let his troubles cross your mind (celery stalks)
He couldn’t get Sally, so went back to his valley
The cat was color-blind

The St. Patrick’s Day weekend is upon us.  Got green plans?