Textiles, Apparel and Fashion Playlist

Fashion Forward

CD with musical notes

This one falls into the category of Textiles, Fashion and Apparel.  If you aren’t already a Lady Gaga fan, you may just change your mind after checking out this song.  Fashion is a commentary on our collective obsession with designer labels and fashion trends.  It’s also just a great song.


How many of the designers mentioned in the lyrics do you know?

As an organizational tool, I’m creating searchable categories for the songs and videos I’m posting to the FACS Soundtrack Project.  We will also have a database of the songs on our website www.freshfacs.com organized by the same categories or playlists.  Will let you know when that’s ready to use.

Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our second week of this project.  How do you think it’s going so far?  Just a reminder that you are welcome to share song selections for the FACS Soundtrack!  Join in the fun!

Have a rockin’ FACS day!