Color Playlist, FACS Rocks!

Color My World


If you’ve scrolled down to check out the FACS You Knead to Know section of this blog, you already know that today, August 27, is Banana Lover’s Day.  That obscure designation led me to decide on a theme for this week’s FACS Soundtrack selections.  Each day this week I’ll be featuring songs about specific colors.  Bet you can guess today’s colorful songs!  That’s right—today’s featured color is yellow. 

Songs about colors can be useful in housing or interior design classes; clothing, textiles and apparel classes; or any other subject where color or color theory is part of the discussion.  There have been a remarkable number of songs written about colors.  I hope the songs that I select to include in the FACS Soundtrack will encourage you to explore other titles that might fit your lessons more specifically.  Here are today’s “yellow” songs.

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Second chances!

Tomorrow we feature the color blue!